Monday, November 9, 2009

Spirit Tracks: A New Instrument

Flute, ocarina, trumpet, bongos, guitar, harp, whistle... Link has sure played a lot of different instruments over the course of the Zelda series. But that doesn't stop Nintendo from adding a new instrument idea to Spirit Tracks. This time you will play some pan pipes, called the Spirit Pipes. You blow into the microphone and switch the pipe with your stylus. You will learn the songs from the Lokomo, the locomotive tribe, and those songs will restore the Spirit Tracks. Sounds pretty straight forward.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

As a bonus, the article here loosely describes what happens in the first 90 minutes of Spirit Tracks. They aren't very specific and they aren't really telling anything, what we haven't known already, but there's at least another nice screenshot of the Spirit Tower.

As you can see, you have to sneak around two Phantoms here. To get the Tear of Light in the lava section, you probably have to use the Whirlwind item (similar to the key in the trailer). The rest is standard Ocean King Temple action until you got all three tears. Then you can strike down one Phantom, so that Zelda can possess it, and use it to distract the other. That's how it works. They also confirmed again, that you don't have to play the floors again, once you've beaten them. I think alltogether the Tower of the Spirits could be quite fun even if there are still some stealth sections. Well, at least the stealth stuff always provides some challenge for me personally.

Ah yeah, and the Gannon-Train is called Mallard, named after the fastest train ever. But that doesn't mean, it's not related to Ganon at all, I mean the similarities are kind of obvious.

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