Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spirit Tracks Prolog

Ah, that's well made and very familiar. It feels so familiar, because Spirit Tracks and The Wind Waker pretty much have the same backstory. In the Wind Waker Ganon returned and filled the lands of Hyrule with terror, so that its inhabitants prayed to the gods. The gods then sealed away Ganondorf and flooded Hyrule. This little nice backstory was used as an explanation, how the new Zelda back then could take place entirely on an ocean. And now we have the same thing for Spirit Tracks, just with a railroad system instead of an ocean. Ganon (or whatever Demon King they talk about) broke the seal from the Wind Waker and now terrorized the new Hyrule and they sealed him away using a tower as a lock and large chains, that form the Spirit Tracks. That way they incorporated magically disappearing rails and the new Ocean King Temple dungeon into the story.

Okay, it's still not clear, who this Demon King really is, but the chances say Ganon and this time I really wouldn't mind it. I really liked his role in the Wind Waker, because you could understand his reasons, he was sick of the ocean and all he wanted, was the old Hyrule back. It was almost like he shared the opinion of most Zelda fans back then. And I wouldn't wonder, if he will be the guy in Spirit Tracks, who doesn't really like tracks and trains at all considering the fact, that he was kept down for hundred years by those things. And that way he speaks again for a majority of the fanbase, which is kind of funny.

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