Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spirit Tracks: UK Commercial

Fucking epic!

There were already pictures of the train going over water, but under water is definitely a nice twist. I wonder, if this has something to do with the flooded Hyrule. At one point in the video Link is holding a sword, that looks similar to the Master Sword. Could be a cheap copy like the Phantom Sword, the "Spirit Sword" or something, or it could be the real deal. If its the real deal and the story of the game is actually connected to the story of The Wind Waker, then this is going to be pretty epic.

And mine carts are back and even used in a boss battle. I always loved the mine cart puzzles since they were introduced in the Oracle games. Well, since Spirit Tracks is all about rails, you could have guessed, that mine carts will be back. And this makes the boss battle actually much more interesting, I previously complained, that the boss judging from the artwork looked like something, that we already got many times before, but the mine carts definitely add a nice twist to the whole thing.

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