Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spirit Tracks Preorder Deal

Christmas came early this year. I went to Media Markt (a German electronic chain store) yesterday to buy New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a black Wiimote and Nunchuk. New SMB Wii is fun, played it for hours today with a buddy, who was highly anticipating it and who rescued me a several times. But I rock at the boss battles. The black Wiimote and Nunchuk looks really sexy, I'm actually quite pissed, that it took so long for Nintendo to release a black Wii, I certainly would have bought a black one, when I bought my Wii a year and a half ago, but now it's too late. However, at Media Markt they had this Spirit Tracks preorder deal, which is the reason of my post. I had to do a little advance payment (5 bucks), but for that I already got a nice package with two figurines in it. I made a photo of both the figurines and the box (and the sexy black Wiimote):

Those figurines are actually the same figures, that were availabe for Phantom Hourglass. But both have different paintings on their shields and both don't have the items, that originally came with them, the Phantom Hourglass for Link and a Force Gem for the Phantom. There were three more figures in the Phantom Hourglass set, Tetra, Linebeck and some Gorons. But oh well, those two are basically for free (assuming I get Spirit Tracks, which I will) and free stuff is always nice. The package also uses the artwork from the US boxart, so I basically get both box arts that way.

There's also a lottery/contest inside for a black Nintendo Wii, maybe I'll win one. :D

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