Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spirit Tracks: A Returning Face

The above video is a collection of all the current videos on the Japanese Spirit Tracks website. I really liked the impressions of the lake village and the fact, that the music seems to be a little more varied this time around, especially in the dungeons. But it's still to early to say, it still could be, that they use the two tracks from the video in all the other dungeons. :D Bad news is, that the different areas really do look like islands in the green fields, that's pretty lame actually. But what's interesting is the special guest character from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass:

For those, who can't remember or simply don't recognize him, it's Niko. The little pirate, with whom Link probably interacted the most, next to Tetra of course. For example the little minigames to get the Spoils Bag and the Bomb Bag. And in Phantom Hourglass he is the one, who retells the story of The Wind Waker with wooden images at the beginning of the game. Well, of course he's a lot older by now and probably the only one left from that time (with the exception of a certain bad guy). But it's awesome and very interesting. And wonder, what he's going to tell Link and Zelda, well about Link and Zelda. As I recall, he's the only character next to Ganondorf, who actually witnessed two generations of our favorite hero and princess.

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