Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D Preorder Bonus for Europe

First prepare to jizz in your pants with this screenshot of the Gerudeo Valley. It came along with the press release:

Notice how they added dead trees in the background as new details.

Now the actual news is about preorder stuff. In the UK you will receive a poster and the game box will get a golden sleeve, if you preorder the game. In Germany there seems to be a preorder box for stores. You buy the box as a prepayment for the game (like 5 Euro) and the box will contain some extras. They did the same here with Spirit Tracks or Metroid: Other M for example. Well, the Ocarina of Time 3D preorder box will contain a Nintendo 3DS bag, but it's really thin (can't see that on the pictures below, but take a look here).

Well, this certainly doesn't get me too excited. I still don't want to buy a Nintendo 3DS right now. Because I'm pretty sure, as soon as I'm going to buy the 3DS, Nintendo will kick me in the face by announcing a special Zelda 25th Anniversay bundle including a golden 3DS, a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D and preinstalled copies of Link's Awakening DX and the 3D Classics version of The Legend of Zelda. Maybe I'll just buy the preorder box and not the game. With Metroid: Other M I was lucky, because no one preordered the game, so they sold the boxes for 50 Cent at the day of the release. I also thought about buying the game and renting a Nintendo 3DS to play it... But luckily there's still time.

Update: It seems with "golden sleeve" you'll just get the US cover instead of the European one, which is a bad trade. Also, the poster will be stuffed into the game box, so it will suffer badly from tons of foldings. Definitely not the best deal.

Source: Nintendo-Online.de, Zelda Informer

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