Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Unknown Items in Ocarina of Time 3D

Watch this video from some German review site. This about ten minutes of footage from a nearly complete save file, so there's a lot of showing and a nice look at the updated graphics. Especially the destroyed Hyrule Castle Town and the stone textured Kakariko Village look nice. However, what's most interesting is the part after three minutes, where the guy shows the new item menu. Here are two screenshots:

Okay, the inventory and statues menu were combined and aren't too interesting. Only notice the new look of the Stone of Agony next to the Gerudo passport. It makes sense that they changed its appearance, because the original version was shaped after the Rumble Pack and this new version works with sounds. It even looks a little bit like a pitching fork.

The item menu works like in Link's Awakening or the Oracle games. So, items assigend to buttons won't appear inside the menu and you switch items between the menu and the buttons. You'll notice how the items don't have any particular order, that's the result from this system. There are twenty free spots inside the menu and four buttons. That's space for 24 items, which is they exact same number as in Ocarina of Time on the N64. But... the Ocarina is not an item inside the item menu anymore, it will be always assigned to the lower left touch button. One free space. And it seems, that the Magic Arrows work like in The Wind Waker. Which means that they are not individual items, but you'll probably just switch between the arrows by pressing R while using the bow. If you look closely, you can see colored points around the bow icon, just like in The Wind Waker. So, three more free spaces. Those free spaces are used up by the Hover Boots and the Iron Boots, which are now normal items just like the Iron Boots in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Well done. However, there's still room for two more items. You can cleary see that on the screenshot, there are two empty spots and this savegame got all the other items. And it doesn't make sense to just leave space for two items (though Oracles also did that). So, what could it be?

Yes, maybe it's NEW ITEMS!!! There's the Boss Challenge and maybe there's even some new (Cave of Ordeals like) bonus dungeon. And of course these things should give you a reward. Why not some shiny new items? There's only the question, what it could be... it needs to be optional for obvious reasons, but still somehow useful. Let's just take a quick look what other items from the other Zelda games they coul include:

  • Telescope / Hawkeye
    Nothing special, but with the new visuals and full 3D models even in the backgrounds some zooming function would be nice. Could be fun with 3D effects.
  • Pegasus Boots
    Even more boots. They could make you run faster like the Bunny Hood in Majora's Mask or the dash function in Skyward Sword. This idea is my personal favorite.
  • Fishing Rod
    Let's you fish anywhere, like at Lake Hylia or in Zora's Realm. But this wouldn't serve any purpose unless they include new types of fish and a journal for some new sidequest... so I doubt this.
  • Ball&Chain
    Or some other alternative weapon... but we already got the Megaton Hammer and the Deku Sticks to serve as an alternative way to strike enemies.
  • More Bottles
    Majora's Mask got six, so why not Ocarina of Time? But this would be of course the most boring und uninspired solution.

Source of video: Zelda Informer

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