Sunday, May 15, 2011

Odd Scene in Master Quest 3D Promo

Some months ago the inclusion of Master Quest in Ocarina of Time 3D seemed just to be a small extra, but by now Nintendo promotes it as a big deal. And it certainly is one, I guess the majority of buyers will play Master Quest for their first time. Also, the mirroring and double damage gives new challenge to experienced Ocarina of Time players. So, here is a little promotional video from the Japanese website that introduces the differences.

However... at 1:05 in the video there's an odd scene that shows Young Link inside the Forest Temple. It appears to be the small room in the northern area of 1F, where you fight to Wolfos to get a key in Master Quest. Zelda Informer also acknowledges that this is odd and luckily made a screenshot, which saves me some time:

There are multiple explanations for this. It could be that this was just Grezzo experimenting and not a scene from the actual game. However, releasing material of something, that won't be in the final game, so close to the release would be a strange move. And the promoting probably won't be done by Grezzo, but by some Nintendo marketing party.

Another explanation would be, that they changed the Forest Temple in Master Quest so, so that you can enter it as Young Link. However, this doesn't make much sense and they stated, that the dungeons will be the same as in Master Quest on GameCube. They are already crazy enough, there's no need to make them even crazier. And I doubt this would work so easily without completely changing the entire dungeon. Young Link has to get past the Hookshot parts without a Hookshot. And for what reason would they do that? The Forest Temple is supposed to be the first adult dungeon, there's no place for Young Link here. You can't even return to childhood without beating the temple (or one of the other temples, not sure right now) first.

The last explanation and my favorite one is that this actually isn't a shot from the Forest Temple. As in NEW CONTENT. Yeah, I said it. And I'm a broken record all over this. But this game needs a bonus dungeon. They got everything right so far, there is Master Quest and they even made it harder with the mirroring and the double damage. There is the Boss Challenge as some sort of new sidequest. Now just let there be an extra dungeon and they got every point on my checklist for a perfect remake. And I'm not demanding much, I'm just using the other remastered Zelda games as a basis, like Link's Awakening DX or A Link to the Past on the GameBoy Advance. LADX got updated visuals, a new sidequest (the photo quest) and a bonus dungeon. A Link to the Past also got a new sidequest (the Riddle Quest) and a bonus dungeon (the Palace of the Four Sword), but also improved gameplay mechanics and fucking Four Swords as an extra multiplayer game. Ocarina of Time 3D got the updated visuals, the improved gameplay mechanics, the Boss Challenge mode, Master Quest as a 2nd Quest, so the only thing missing would be a bonus dungeon.

It doesn't even have to be something special. We already got the tricky extra dungeon with the Gerudo Training Grounds. But another Savage Labyrinth / Cave of Ordeals clone would be easily made. Five sets of ten rooms based on the five temples, where you fight all the common enemies and minibosses from that area. There's a way to challenge all the bosses again, so it makes sense to include something for all normal enemies and minibosses as well. That way you could fight Dark Link again, if you want. And you can chose if you want to challenge it as adult or young Link just by visiting the dungeon at the corresponding time. I would hide such a dungeon in the Desert Colossus area or some other area which can't be visited until later in the game.

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