Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video Game Reunion: Season 1

Vide Game Reunion is an Atom parody webseries similar to Legend of Neil, where video game characters are actually video game actors, who all see each other in a reunion after 25 years. They just finished their first season and it's definitely worth a look. It's like a mix between a typical "reality" television high school reunion show and some reality television show focusing on some b-celebrities, just with video game characters instead of the celebs and tons of old video game references. But the problems are mostly your typical made up for reality television all-day real people's issues like split-ups, jealousy or coming out the closet. It could be a typical reality show, if not for all the (sometimes subtle) video game references, which adds the humor.

What I really liked was the portrayal of Link and Zelda. They are your "perfect" couple in this, they even have two kids called Tingle and Sparkle, big happy family. What was refreshing is that Link actually wasn't portrayed as gay. Because this joke is so old, I hardly can laugh about stuff like this for example. Hahahahaaa, Link is gay, hahaha, how funny, we never heard this before! But not in VGR, there he finally was just a typical guy. Link totally reminded me of Chuck from the TV show with the same name, one of my favorite shows on television (fifth and final season this fall!). Not only in his appearance, but also in his manner. But I liked that, a million times better than just another collection of gay jokes. However, the gay guy this time was actually Megaman, portrayed by the dude who played the old man in Legend of Neil. Megaman is a pop star and he turns out to be Zelda's BFF. So, Link gets totally jealous until he finally finds out the more than obvious fact, that Megaman actually is queer, which then leads to a hilarious scene.

Also, Samus portrayed by Amy Bloom was really lovely. Liked her character a lot. No blog post without an image, so I'll just show you her... :D

The show is quite entertaining, so you should definitely watch it. It seems that there also will be a 2nd season, though I totally didn't get the cliffhanger at all. I had no idea, who Carmen Sandiego was. :D

As seen on: Metroid Database

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