Monday, October 3, 2011

Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Round 4: End of Hero's Trial

Yeaaahhhhh! I did it! I've beaten the Hero's Trial!! I can't tell how relieved I am that this is over. This was the toughest and most enduring challenge in the entire Zelda series yet. Forget the Great Palace or the Cave of Ordeals. If you want a real challenge, play the Hero's Trial.

Well, my playthrough of door 3 took a very similar course to my playthrough of door 2. I somehow got through the first two floors and saved 2000 Rupees. Then I had to retry the final floor about four times until I finally did it. If you know the traps, you can prepare yourself and take many precautions in this floor, which makes things easier. The final room with dozen Eyegores was really fun. They were easy to beat, just gang them up and then switch between both Links. They dropped many Rupees, which really helped in the final fights, lots of Darknuts and Ball & Chain Troopers. Best way to deal with this is equipping both Links with Bombs when you enter this room. After you've defeated the Eyegores pick up the bombs again and start blasting. It's your best weapon in this situation. I'm actually surprised that they didn't also add some Wizzrobes to screw you up even harder. But I guess that even for the Hero's Trial this would have been too cheap.

Right before the goal there was another switch, but I already expected that this one will trigger fairies like in floor 1-3. And that was really nice, though I had enough Rupees left to survive even more terror. While I slashed myself through the faires I said to myself "I did it!" multiple times. Ahhh, this felt so good.

Now all that's left is the Hero's Keys. But this should be a breeze compared to the Hero's Trial and very relaxing. The Hurricane Spin Attack is lots of fun to use, it might happen that I will replay even some parts of the Hero's Trial using this.

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meh said...

Hey its meh. I play the anniversary edition, but i used to play the gamecube one.

Your right, i should play with other people. I forgot about double points heheh.