Friday, October 28, 2011

Nintendo is Spoiling Skyward Sword

Seriously... each Friday Nintendo adds a huge update to their sites showing you more environments and dungeons of the game. With all these previews they might as well just show us a walkthrough of the entire game. What are they thinking? And it doesn't seem like it will stop until the game gets released.

I don't get it. Never has there been so many preview informations for a Zelda game in advance. But they release all of this for a reason, they want you to see it. And it's hard to ignore it. I said to myself that I will stop looking at any preview material, but then I watch it anyway. And I'm beginning to ask myself, how much of the game actually gets shown here. How much will be left to be discovered by myself? It feels like they have already shown us more than half of the entire game. And I seriously hope that I'm not going to regret watching any of this.

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K2L said...

Nintendo is probably desperate, since SS hasn't caused the same hype as TP (which is a very good thing). The mistake they did with Brawl was that they pretty much vomited everything regarding characters, stages and whatnot. Massive disappointment among fans. Why SS may supposedly be different this time is beyond me.