Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skyward Sword Hands-On (both Demo and Full Version)

Today I joined the lovely Evelyn Jade from ZeldaEurope.de on a Nintendo press event in Berlin. Best date ever. xD I can't thank her enough for this opportunity and it was incredibly fun. We got to play both the E3 2011 demo, which was showcased in the lobby, and the full version of Skyward Sword. We actually played the game for over an hour, which was enough time to get familiar with everything.

Please check out ZeldaEurope for my full impressions. To all of those, who don't speak German, I apologize, but this has to stay a ZeldaEurope exclusive. But I can definitely say, that Skyward Sword blowed my mind yesterday with tons of cool surprises and fun action.

A nice detail: Takkuri crows now actually poop on your head! It's hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for typing these impressions up in English.

I would love to hear you elaborate more on the layout of the over world. You have commented intelligently in the past about the structure of Zelda over worlds. It appears that Skyward Sword's Hyrule consists of several self-contained regions, but each of these regions is large and open. I was interested to hear you touch on this again. Whereas the woods in Twilight Princess was a series of hallways with inaccessible fake areas off to the side, it seems that Skyward Sword's forest is a place where you can really explore and discover various things. Does it feel like A Link to the Past that way? Or something new? Is it structured around paths with branches leading off? Or around big open "rooms" with many things within them? Or does it feel more organic than that? I'd be interested in any comments you might have.


TourianTourist said...

The forest was quite organic and open, fun to explore. We also got lost a couple of times, like one time we suddenly were back at the start, lol... we were like "how did we get back here?!" :D

Anonymous said...

That's great to hear!

If you feel inspired to write more about this in a future post, you definitely have at least one very interested reader!

Anonymous said...

I got a little question..

Can you leave any main items behind in skyloft, like the slingshot? Or are those sort of items permanently stuck to your inventory?

TourianTourist said...

We didn't have any of the main items yet, so I can't tell... but my best guess would be that "leaving items behind" only works for the stuff in the Hero's Bag, namely shields and bottles.