Friday, October 28, 2011

Thieving Bokoblins

In the latest Nintendo Skyward Sword press material we get to see how Link is robbed of all equipment by Bokoblins:

Why am I posting this? Primarily because this is again something that reminds me of the Oracle games. As you all know Fujibayashi is the director of Skyward Sword and his influence on this game is heavy. He was previously know for directing all Capcom Zeldas and various elements from these games will be present.

When playing the full version of Skyward Sword at a Nintendo press event last week, we ran into two events, where certain ingame characters were attacked by Bokoblins. These scenes totally reminded me of similar scenes in the Capcom games, like when Impa gets attack by Octoroks in Oracle of Ages or when you first meet Ezlo in The Minish Cap. And the concept of the medals sounds very similar to the Magic Rings in the Oracle games. And the most obvious influence might be the return of both the Mole Mitts and the Gust Jar items from The Minish Cap.

Now the stealing Bokoblins remind me of Oracle of Ages, where the Tokays steal all your items on Crescent Island. It was a cool puzzle, where you had to get back all items one after another. I hope it will get more in this direction, because I seriously wouldn't want another full Silent World stealth sequence. I guess at the beginning you're helpless, but you will grow stronger continiously. You get your shield back, so that you can defend yourself from attacks. You get your whip back to attack and stun enemies, etc... And it would be interesting, if the Bokoblins use your items against you. This would be similar to Metroid Fusion or Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, where the X and the Ings stole your abilities and used them against you. It was a cool concept.

Source: ZeldaEurope

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