Monday, October 3, 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D Quest Log, Day 2

Today I've beaten Dodongo's Cavern and I finished most sidequests before Jabu Jabu's Belly. Like catching a big enough fish or getting the Pieces of Hearts in Gerudo Valley, planting Magic Beans, etc.

There's still the secret spot behind the lava fall inside Dodongo's Cavern, where you fight the first two Lizalfos. I thought this was cool. Also, the 3DS version of the game now features the longer version of the song, that is played inside Dodongo's Cavern. On one of my older Ocarina of Time soundtrack CDs the track was longer than in the game and featured some different sound effects at the end. That was never in the N64 version and it's nice to hear the full track now in the 3DS version.

Well, after I've beaten Dodongo's Cavern I could take a good look at some nice 3D effects.The Goron Ruby looked really impressive, it popped out of the screen, it felt like it hovered in front of me. 3D effects are a nice thing. And yeah, I actually didn't have to buy DOA to see some boobs in 3D, it was Great Fairy time. Though her model looked too much like the N64 version, they could have added some more polygons to maker her look rounder.

The Bombchu Bowling got a little bit easier, because the collision volume of the big Cucco seems to be smaller. And the Bombchus look really cool.

Last time I forgot to mention that playing the Ocarina is quite different from the N64 version. You play it with the L, R, X, Y and A buttons. A doesn't correspond to the same note A would play on the N64. It's actually the highest note now. To play Zelda's lullaby you have to play X, A, Y, X, A, Y. You basically have to learn all songs from new. But I don't have as many problems with this as I thought I would. Earlier I would just play by sounds, but now I got the hang of it. I could even play songs from Majora's Mask out of my head with the new play style. And it seems that the button placement was modeled on a real Ocarina. It's a good thing they didn't make you blow into the mic though.

I also checked out the hidden grotto at the beginning of the Sacred Forest Meadow. The one with the two Wolfos coming at you. I thought this might be the place, where we saw young Link fighting two Wolfos inside a room that looks like it's from the Master Quest version of the Forest Temple. This one. I don't know if this is somewhere in the game, but it's certainly not this grotto. This one now got a stunning look. They really pimped those crystal walls, it looks amazing. And this for a simple hidden grotto that you might miss with the Stone of Agony.

Talking about that, I got the Shard of Agony by now and it looks great. They should add this item in Majora's Mask 3D. Majora's Mask originally got the Stone of Agony as a default ability, which never gets mentioned in the entire game or the manual. I think for the 3DS version they should hide it somewhere, for example as the reward in a new Skulltula House, that would awesome. However, there where only two places in Majora's Mask where the Stone of Agony resonated...

I noticed two odd changes today. One is that you can't recollect bugs after placing them on soft soil to reveal the Gold Skulltula. In the old version I would release the bugs and swiftly catch one again. That way I don't have to go find new bugs afterwards, I basically reuse the same bug again and again. That didn't work in Majora's Mask and it now also doesn't work in Ocarina of Time 3D. And what's also weird is that those square torches don't stay lit. Like the ones in Goron City near the gateway to the Lost Woods. Or the torch down the stairs from the throne room in Zora's Realm. In the N64 version they stayed lit forever once you activated them, didn't they? But not in the 3DS version.

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