Monday, December 9, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Missing Energy Meter Glitch

It appears that there's a glitch in A Link Between Worlds, where the energy gauge will never be displayed throughout the game (see here). I'm hoping that Nintendo might consider to release a patch for the game to fix this.

Because if they do, they can also change the Cucco endless mode to unlock the Giant Cucco after 100 seconds, the way it should be. So, in case Miiverse launches on 3DS soon, make sure to complain about the ridiculous Cucco challenge to let Nintendo know. :-D The giant Cucco actually appears during the credits, throwing hearts at you, so if you want to have the best ending for your game, you'll need the Cucco. I'm usually not someone to complain about a challenge in a Zelda game, quite the opposite (Hero's Trial ftw), but Nintendo has never done such an extreme requirement for an unlockable in a Zelda game and the minigame is near impossible to beat. Hitboxes are huge, you don't have any chances/lives and it gets worse with every round. I've seen hardcore completionists, who even did the 100 super jumps in Super Mario RPG, struggling with Cucco Run's endless mode.

I used pause buffering (constantly pausing the game to create a slow motion effect) to get around the 350 seconds mark, however, at this point the Cuccos become so fast that even pause buffering isn't helping that much. Also, I fear that I will wreck the Start button of my 3DS, if I keep doing this. The 3DS is not exactly the sturdiest Nintendo system...

It's very unlikely that Nintendo listens to the complaints and fixes the game, but now that there is at least one glitch to fix, there's little hope.

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