Thursday, December 12, 2013

99999 Rupees in A Link Between Worlds

I played so much Rupee Rush that I maximized the Rupee counter at the end of the game, lol:

I tried to get above 1000 Rupees in Rupee Rush and kept playing the game for a while. Actually it doesn't take all too long to get 9999 Rupees in this game, once you know the tricks. Maybe not even 30 minutes. Whenever I play through A Link Between Worlds again, my first stop in Lorule will probably be the Rupee Rush... ah, no, you need the Sand Rod, so my first stop will be Thieves' Hideout and then this minigame. And you even have the Rupee eating fairy next door, I could feed her up with 3000 Rupees very quickly. This minigame is really imba.

My current record is 993 Rupees, so close to the 1000:

But you have to be quite lucky to get so much. It really depends on how many of the purple Rupees you're able to get. But I bought about five golden Bees now in the shop for 9999 each, just to get rid of all the Rupees... :-D

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Skullvic said...

hahah freaking fan XD
now im following you on MMIV

Linkfan99 said...

I'm really confused. I always thought the maximum rupee count was 9,999... in fact, I hit this limit quite early upon beating the Advanced mode on Treacherous Tower twice in a row. Perhaps it's different because you got an early release?

TourianTourist said...

No, the ingame limit is 9,999. But there's a total Rupee counter at the end of the credits. That's where the screenshot came from.

TourianTourist said...

My early copy is not different from a normal copy.

Linkfan99 said...

Oh, hahaha, sorry, I realized this was the "total rupees collected" counter just before I read your comment. My mistake. :P