Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I love Rupee Rush in A Link Between Worlds

I think, this is becoming my favorite minigame in Zelda. Usually I lose interest in the minigames, as soon as I got the price, but I can't stop playing this game. It has everything, a good minigame in Zelda should have.

1) You don't have to beat multiple difficulties to get the price. Just the one game, no tedium.
2) It's not mandatory to beat the game. You can just ignore it.
3) It's a lot of fun and has potential for always making new records without any ridiculous unlockables. (I'm looking at you, Cucco Run...)

The concept is simple. Just run around and collect as many Rupees as possible within 30 seconds. Estimating the 30 seconds is easy by simply listening to the music. The music goes exactly 20 seconds and changes the melody right before the 10 second mark. So, let the music run one time and then end the game right at the time, when the music changes in the middle of the song. If you got the right point, it's very easy to get the x3 multiplier in each game.

However, you can only swap items with quick swap, because going into the menu makes the time stop and therefore changes the timing of the music. So, it's best to select the best tools before the game and never change them. In Hyrule that's the Tornado Rod for the tiles and the Hammer for the rock in the northwest.

This is my current record in Hyrule.

In Lorule I got 915 Rupees. Lorule is somewhat different, because three items are useful here. Sand Rod, Hookshot and the Hammer. I suggest either using quick swap (which is bad though) or ignoring the Hammer. It's possible to navigate the entire area by using Sand Rod and Hookshot alone by using the stairs in the northwest. There's a big purple Rupee i the center, one on the pillar in the north and one on the pillar in the south. However, sometimes those are Rupee Likes (you can spot them by the larger shadow). But if you're lucky, they are all normal Rupees. Also, the pond in the center spits out about two purple Rupees per match.

I usually can score about 600 Rupees in the Lorule version and simply playing this game brings me from 0 to 9999 Rupees in a short time. I'm buying Golden Bees for 9999 just to get rid of all the money... :D

Overall this is a great minigame and probably one of my favorites, if not the best. Yes, it is random, but the good kind of random, where it always stays interesting. It's never frustrating, which I think is important with a minigame. For me it's a nice distraction from all the super frustrating rounds of Cucco Run's endless mode...


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Unknown said...

It's weird Im having trouble finding info on this minigame. I got 1122 in Lorule and though, "gee, I wonder what the world record is" but there doesn't seem to be one. I'm glad a found this post though! I never noticed that the "Rupee Likes" have larger shadows! That's helpful thanks!