Monday, December 2, 2013

Someone beat the 999.99 seconds in Cucco Run Endless Mode in A Link Between Worlds, Giant Cucco unlocked

This is from an anonymous poster in the comments, not my achievement:

Wow...! A part of me was still hoping that the giant Cucco unlockable wouldn't exist. :-D Thanks to the guy, who gave me the pictures. Here are his or her holy words:

after countless days of trial and error, endless frustration, anger and patience, I'd like to present to the Hyrule Blog with this:
proof that the Giant Cucco exists.

Yes this is real, and I did it all on my own along with my own research I did on how to beat it. I've achieved what everyone is saying here is the impossible, and I'm posting this to at least show the Zelda Community that this is possible and can be done with lots of patience.

The Cucco will be also shown during the credits, throwing hearts at you. So, this is basically required for the "best" ending.

I kept practicing the game the entire last week, but I'm just terrible at it... never made it past the 300 seconds so far, even though I played hundreds of games. But I never played games like R-Type in my childhood, so I still have to develop the required synapses, lol. But then again even R-Type isn't probably as unforgiving as this game.

By now I can beat the first phase for the majority of the time, so at least I'm getting my money back. The second phase is just a giant blur for me, but I'm getting better at it. There's usually an open area in the field and I just keep aiming at it. However, it's very easy to miss one of the small slowly moving Cuccos. Maybe I need to play this on the 3DS XL to have a better view on the playing field, but my otherwise completed savegames are stuck with a download copy on my normal 3DS and I don't want to do a system transfer. The third phase therefore isn't as bad for me, because it's hard to miss a giant Cucco, however, there it's very easy to get cornered with no way out.

I was about to give up after reading the latest Iwata Asks, where they state that noone in the development team or the Club Mario was able to do it. And we're talking about crazy Japanese here... So, for the sake of my sanity and the condition of my slide pad, I decided to stop this for a while. But after seeing the reward now, I fear that I won't be able to enjoy A Link Between Worlds ever again until I got that stupid chicken. :D So, I will keep practicing every now and then, you can only get better at it.

But some strategies and videos would be helpful, especially a list of what every phase does. It seems like the final phase has a mix of small and giant Cuccos, oh joy. Sadly the anonymous poster didn't leave any of his insights, but maybe he decides to change that! Or ideally someone finds a nice glitch that let's you survive the 999.99 seconds without any efforts, like they did with the 999 hits in Spirit Tracks, that would be the best case scenario for me. :D

But I'm still very unhappy about this. And I'm probably not the only one. Many people play Zelda for completion and this counts, so Nintendo's decision to include the most atrocious minigame accomplishment ever wasn't the best one... and on the other hand collecting all 100 Maiamais is probably the easiest collectible task ever in Zelda... what's with those extremes?

Dear Nintendo, if you ever decide to provide a challenge in Zelda, please try a boss rush/gauntlet mode or something like the Hero's Trial, but not some insane minigame reward... and not every counter in your games needs to be filled with 9s, thank you very much. ^^


K2L said...

Looks like this will be one of the hardest-to-complete games. And it comes from someone who struggled the hardest to fully ace TWW and its freaking figurine gallery.

McKrakenSpiel said...

I just got 999.99 as well. It's actually pretty easy if you exploit the start button.

angeldaytrue said...

McKrakenSpiel, could you please tell the specifics?

TourianTourist said...

What he means is constantly pressing the Start button to create a slow motion effect.

Doesn't eliminate the luck factor though. You can easily get yourself in a situation with no way of escaping.

So, it's about an hour of pressing the Start button like a madman and praying that nothing goes wrong...

Matt Davis said...

I've done it. Here are all the screens of text etc.:

Jeffrey Krieger said...

this minigame is just plain evil. I did it twice in normal mode and hero mode and I do not use the pause buffer until after the third round (i.e. past 300 seconds). I doubt anyone (or a fraction of those completed it) has completed it without the pause trick. it is this mini-game and the octoball that kill the 100%completion replay value.