Thursday, December 26, 2013

Got the Zelda Box

Look what was under my Christmas tree this year (even though I put it there myself, lol):

I love it! When they announced it, it first felt like a rip-off, but for the current price (around 110€ on Amazon) and its quality (you get six 300+ pages books in color), I have no complaints here. The box is sturdy with a glossy outside, the golden bookmark looks amazing, the certificate is high quality and its nice to have all the books in absolute perfect shape. And I can always sell my old guides to get most, if not all the money back.

But one book is new and the other one half new: Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword:

With the original Skyward Sword Collector's Guide I had various complaints and it feels like this new version was completely overhauled. They didn't just add lists for the Pieces of Hearts and Goddess Cubes, they also improved many sections of the guide. For example the Imprisoned now has the shortcut strategy, where you jump on its head instead of attacking its feet, which is vital for the Lighting Round.

I don't have the original version at my hands (it's in my flat, while I'm currently back home), so I can't draw direct comparisons between the two versions, but just by skipping through the guide I can see that they put a lot more effort into it than with the original.

Completely new is the Ocarina of Time 3D guide in purple. It comes with its own section for Master Quest, where they even have all the mirrored maps for the overworld and new Skulltula lists. It's a really good one, but again I can't really tell the difference to the original paperback version, because I don't have it. It does have new 40 pages though, so there's new content.

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