Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - The Boss Monsters

With all the talk about playable characters, let's talk a little bit about the big bosses, who probably won't be playable. The new trailer showed us a new boss (probably Manhandla or something similar to Diababa) in what looks like to be Lanayru Valley. So, it seems like each stage gets one big boss, which is something to be analyzed in a list:

  • Hyrule Field - King Dodongo
  • Lanayru Valley - Manhandla
  • Eldin Caves - ?
  • Faron Woods - Gohma
  • Twilight Lands - ?
  • Palace of Twilight - Argarok
  • Skyloft - ?
  • Sealed Grounds - The Imprisoned
  • Lake Hylia - ?
  • Death Mountain - ?

So, there are many open spots here. I guess with Death Mountain and Lake Hylia it would be only natural to have Morpha and Volvagia. Both of them are iconic enough to play a role and you even would have the Hookshot for Morpha. Twilight Lands allows one more boss from Twilight Princess and I'm thinking Fyrus would make a good choice here. The area is right next to Death Mountain and he looks great.

It also seems like they have a thing for the classic NES bosses. Gohma and King Dodongo resemble their NES counterparts more by now and maybe the plant monster really is Manhandla. It could be that the original stages all have NES bosses. So, what could the Eldin Caves offers? There's Gleeock, Digdogger and Aquamentus left. One of two dragons would be definitely nice here.

This only leaves Skyloft. I'm thinking Moldarach would make the most iconic choice here. Koloktos would be awesome, but probably feel out of place. And with Levias there it could just be Bilocyte, but that fight was terrible and he wouldn't be mobile on the battlefield. So, I'm thinking Moldarach might be the best choice. On the other hand... if they add Scrapper to the game alongside with a Lanayru Desert stage, then Moldarach would be best suited there.

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