Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Character Wish List (Ocarina of Time Update)

So, we got Darunia, Sheik and Ruto! Darunia uses the Megaton Hammer as expected by many (including myself) and will certainly provide a nice character for this game. In my last update I wasn't sure about Sheik and Ruto. With Sheik I thought she would be too similar to Impa, but I guess Impa is more a Samurai fighter, while Sheik does Ninja stuff. And the game certainly wouldn't have been complete without Sheik, since this is a very popular character because of Smash. With Ruto I actually thought about her using water magic, but she was missing an item for it. Looks like she uses the Silver Scale, nice... We also got Dark Zelda and I think it might be possible to have dark versions of all the heroes, including Dark Link. So, Dark / Shadow Link also made it for now!

It also looks like the theories were right about getting only characters from Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask is still out in the open and I'm a little worried here, even though I probably shouldn't be, because the game fits the overall style and it is a huge fan favorite. We still have one more Famitsu update left and if it follows the schema, the last update might focus on Majora's Mask and characters, as well as stages from that game.

But it might also be a "villain" update, where they introduce Ganondorf and the other villains as playable characters. There definitely will be a playable Ganondorf, the unknown Power DLC with two costumes is just way too obvious. And obviously he wouldn't fit a Majora's Mask themed update all too well, I expected him to make an appearance this week... so, overall I'm a little bit worried that Majora's Mask won't play in the big league. But maybe we will get two Famitsu updates before the release? The magazine gets released every week, so...

For now let's look again at all the potential characters from the games in question. The stars next to the characters display their likelihood:

*** = likely
** = maybe
* = unlikely

Hyrule Warriors:

  • Ganondorf (***)
    - Sword of the Sages (Light)
    - Trident of Power (Shadow)

It's very likely that Ganondorf will get his own design, similar to Link, Zelda and Impa, and even receive Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess costumes as DLC. However, the question is, how he will tie into the story. Will he be the ultimate bad guy? That would be good, because if he's playable, other villains like Cia, Valga, Wizro, Zant and Ghirahim might become playable as well. But if they add him to the "Player Character" roster and maybe even make him fight for the good guys (because he wants to prevent the resurrection of the ancient evil as much as the others), then we have a problem...

Skyward Sword:

  • Groose (***)
    On Sealed Grounds
    - the "Groozoka" (Fire)
  • Scrapper (*)
    On Lanayru Mining Facility
    - Gust Bellow (Thunder)
  • Batreaux (**)
    On Skyloft??
    - Scythe (Shadow)
  • Dodoh (*)
    On Skyloft??
    - Party Wheel (Thunder)
  • Demise (***)
    On Sealed Grounds
    - Dark Master Sword (Thunder)

Skyward Sword has still some very nice potential and I'm actually worried, why they only showed Fi the last time... if they had Groose as a playable character, you'd think they would show him off together with the Groosenator. I still think he should definitely be in this game, alongside with Scrapper. But Groose actually already got his own stage! We have the Sealed Grounds with the Groosenator and the Imprisoned. Why wouldn't Groose be there?! I think that Groose is probably the most likely character at this point.

Another character I would like to see, is Batreaux. Actually he would be a perfect replacement for Gomess, who I wanted to see in previous wish lists. He could fight with bats and a scythe like some Grim Reaper, but still be on the side of the heroes! Perfect! Bring it!

One idea for the lulz would be Dodoh fighting with the Party Wheel. Imagine, how he would smash Fun Fun Island on his enemies as his Musou attack. Not going to happen, but still fun to think about.

Twilight Princess:

  • Hero's Spirit (*)
    On Twilight Lands??
    - Hero's Sword (Light)
  • Yeto (*)
    On Snowpeak
    - ??? (Water/Ice)

Meh. I'm not really a fan of characters from this game, so I'm fine with getting the beautiful real Midna as her "alternate weapon" and be done here. The Hero's Spirit could make a very nice character though, since he's actually the Ocarina of Time Link. And he could act as the playable Stalfos character in this. Yeto could make an interesting fighter, but I'm not sure, what weapon he would use. His fish? Probably something with ice magic though (as part of the water tier). But I can live without him, it's just an idea.

I also thought about Ilya, since she is one of Link's love interests, but I don't like her that much. And you would have to give her some out of character weapon, because there is absolutely nothing she could do to fight in the games. The Dominion Rod accompanied by some Ooccas could act as an interesting weapon, but of course it would make more sense to have Shad as the wielder. But then you'd want all the members of the resistance and I don't feel like they're all too popular...

Overall we wouldn't miss out, if we didn't get any more characters from Twilight Princess.

Ocarina of Time:

  • Nabooru (***)
    On Desert Colossus
    - Dual Scimitars & Mirror Shield (Shadow?)
    - Battle Axe (Thunder)
  • Saria (*)
    On ????
    - Fairy Ocarina (???)
  • Rauru (*)
    On Hyrule Casle Town
    - Cane (Light)
  • Malon (*)
    On Lon Lon Fields
    - ??? (???)

Nabooru is still a big must for me. The Gerudos have nice weapons, she would add to the beautiful female cast and there's no good reason not to have her. Problem is that Impa basically stole the Haldberd weapon and we already got Zant fighting with dual scimitars ... but, come on! An alternative weapon could be the Battle Axe of the Iron Knuckles. After all she used to be an Iron Knuckle herself. Another good reason to have her would be Gerudo forces. Right now the good guys only get Hyrulean Footsoldiers and Gorons, maybe Zora soldiers (we haven't seen any yet though). Gerudo warriors would be a great addition for the good forces.

While I thought it would be nice to have all the sages, right now it doesn't look good for Saria. Zelda is already using her song to fight, Lana took what probably would have been the perfect weapon for a Kokiri and they even made their own Deku Tree stage, where it's quite unlikely that we'll see the Kokiri Forest. With Rauru I thought that he could use one of the canes from the 2D games (like the Cane of Somaria, Byrna or Pacci) ... but he has the same problem as Saria that he wouldn't have a stage to appear in. We already got Hyrule Castle.

Malon is only on the list, because she would be really missing from this roster of beautiful ladies. I could see her summoning animals like a Cucco's Revenge Squad using Epona's song... maybe even use the Whip, but that might be too hardcore for her. I don't really see her as a weapon wielder and overall she has similar chances to Rauru and Saria... (Update: Lana even might have a third moveset involving those portals and Cuccos coming out of the portals. So, Malon is even less likely now.)

Majora's Mask:

  • Fierce Deity (***)
    On Clocktown
    - Double Helix Sword (Light)
  • Mikau (*)
    On Pirate Fortress
    - Fishbone Guitar & Fin Blades (Water)
  • Darmani (*)
    On Snowfall
    - Sleep Drums & Goron Fists (Fire)
  • Deku Princess (**)
    On Woodfall
    - Whatever possible weapon Lana left... (Water)
  • Skull Kid (***)
    On Clocktown
    - Skull Mask (???)
    - Majora's Mask (Shadow)
  • Igos du Ikana (*)
    On Ikana
    - Stalfos Blade (Shadow)

I really, really, really, really hope that Majora's Mask is still an option for this game, because there's still so much potential here. Of course some characters like the Skull Kid or the Happy Mask Salesman do appear in Ocarina of Time and there shouldn't be any problem with having them. Skull Kid also appeared in Twilight Princess, so he's one of these universal characters, which you could put anywhere.

And they might even give Mikau his own Hyrule counterpart, similar to Ruto and Lulu or Darunia and Darmani. Or as I already said, the worlds of OoT Hyrule and Termina are still linked to each other. But Mikau is basically the rock star of the Zelda series and shouldn't be missing in a game, which mainly plays Zelda rock covers as the background music! On the other hand, they might just give the Sleep Drums and the Fishbone Guitar to Darunia and Ruto as alternate weapons. It's enough to have one representative of each race and maybe it would be better to focus on the Dekus here instead.

But the Deku Princess now has very minimal chances with Lana's second moveset, because that's something I imagined for her. The Deku King even had a similar staff, which she could have used... but oh well. She could still do something with Deku Nuts and Bubbles.

My absolute most wanted is still Fierce Deity though! If this game doesn't include a playable Fierce Deity, I will be very, very disappointed. He's on the top of my most wanted list next to Nabooru and Groose.

- since each character from SS, TP and OoT appears on his own stage, I added potential stages for everyone...
- dropped Tingle
- took the weapon elements into consideration
- added stars to display a character's likelihood
- added Dodoh


Lankelink said...

Maybe there are unlockable secret characters (like Fierce Deity, or even Tingle) which are not tied to the main story and they are not related to any stage

TourianTourist said...

Could be, good thinking.