Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: The Final Update?

Looks like with my last update speculation I was only halfway right. And I'm a little worried right now that we're near the end here and won't see many more characters. Keep in mind that with a Musou / Warriors game they usually show ALL the content before release...

Well, I can imagine the final update to be entirely like this:

Ganondorf Update

  • New Playable Characters: Nabooru
  • New Weapons: Midna's true form, Wizro's Scythe
  • New Playable Villain: Ganondorf
  • New Boss Monster: Twinrova
  • New Stages: Desert Colossus, Ganondorf's Castle
  • DLC Costumes: OoT and TP skins for Ganondorf, OoT skins for Impa and Shiek
  • New System: playable villain mode

Introduce Ganondorf as an evil character and playable villains (Cia, Valga, Wizro, Zant, Ghirahim) alongside him as an extra mode in the new system. Apposite to Ganondorf there will be also Nabooru as part of the heroes, Twinrova as a boss and the Desert Colossus as a stage. And of course the "Power" DLC pack. Midna's true form would fit the TP Ganondorf quite well ...

That might be it, but with three weeks until the release of the game, we might not get one Famitsu update, but two. Or maybe three, one each week. For once we still have lots of Skyward Sword stuff open:

2nd Skyward Sword Update

  • New Playable Characters: Groose, Skipper
  • New Weapons: Link's Whip, Lana's Portal magic
  • New Playable Villain: Demise
  • New Boss Monster: Moldarach
  • New Stages: Sand Ship
  • DLC Costumes: SS skin for Impa

And naturally there should be some Majora's Mask, which could look like this:

Majora's Mask Update

  • New Playable Characters: Fierce Deity, Deku Princess
  • New Weapons: Drums for Darunia, Guitar for Ruto
  • New Playable Villain: Skull Kid
  • New Boss Monster: Majora and/or Odolwa
  • New Stages: Clock Town, maybe Woodfall
  • New System: TLoZ map mode

We can still hope!

I'd like to see Mikau in the game, but we already have Ruto. So, I'd prefer representational character for the Dekus instead, maybe even get Deku forces in the game.

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