Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - The Character Menu

So, we got many new scenes today with the live stream including a second look at the ingame roster menu, here.

Based on that structure and the fact that we're near the release, it's fair to assume that we will only have three characters left. The menu is organized in hexagons and has three open spots on the right column:

Now, let's take a closer look here. The characters are actually organized by game. If you read the menu from up to down and then from left to right, you get the following schema:

  • 5 characters with original designs from Hyrule Warriors (Link, Impa, Shiek, Lana, Zelda)
  • 2 characters from Ocarina of Time (Darunia and Ruto)
  • 2 characters from Twilight Princess (Agitha and Midna)
  • 1 character from Skyward Sword (Fi)

If you follow the pattern, it looks like we're getting two characters from each linked game. Maybe there's one Skyward Sword character left and two from Majora's Mask? Of course they could just move the characters around ... and it might be that it gets extended by one row, so we would get six more characters.

Actually there's one good reason, why this should be expanded by one row: then Zelda would be on the left side together with the other originals. And then we could add one more character to the Ocarina of Time guys (*cough* Nabooru *cough), have Fi below Midna (they fit nicely together) and then the rest on the right. But then Zelda wouldn't be next to Link anymore, so never mind...

What's also noteworthy is that the game characters each have their own stage. It's basically, where they were met the first time (in the new trailer you can see how the stages are all merged to one world). Darunia has Death Mountain, Ruto has Lake Hylia, Agitha has the Twilight Lands, Midna has the Twilight Palace and Fi has Skyloft. Basically only the Sealed Grounds go without a character, which make me think that this might be Groose's stage. But why haven't they showed him with the last update together with his stage?

The Skull Kid would make sense together with a Termina / Clocktown stage. And I still think that Nabooru together with a Desert Colossus stage would make a great addition. Mikau and the Deku Princess seem less appealing, when it comes to stages. Well, maybe the Pirate Fortress for Mikau could be nice. Woodfall wouldn't be as interesting though. Scrapper would need some part of the Lanayru Desert, but the area around the Lanayru Mining Facility would make for an awesome stage. And Yeto would be big, if you want Snowpeak as an ice stage. Fierce Deity would be perfect for a Moon stage, you could even have Majora as a boss monster there. Or just use Clocktown for everything as one stage and have Skull Kid as the playable villain here.

But with only three characters left I honestly couldn't decide. I really, really want to play with Fierce Deity and Nabooru, those two are my favorites and this goes way back to the year 2000. But each of the mentioned characters would make great additions. Hopefully they'll add another row to that roster, 16 characters in total would be perfect.

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