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Hyrule Warriors: Final Wish List

So, I narrowed my wish list down to the five characters, where I think they would add the most potential to the game. Potential in form of weapons, scenarios, stages, sworn enemies and also troops, which they could command. Those are also five characters, where I would be really disappointed, if the game didn't have them. I call them the "Final Five", so here you go ...

There are four different rules on how to design a potential character:

  • The character must be from either Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. The realistic 3D Zelda games so to speak. Any other games are very unlikely at this point.
  • Every character uses a special item as his weapon. Darunia doesn't use his fist, he uses a hammer. This item is based on at least one of the five elements in this game: Fire, Water, Thunder, Light or Shadow.
  • Every character from the Zelda games enters the universe of Hyrule Warriors on a stage that got cut out off space time. Like Darunia with Death Mountain. They might also bring some sort of arch nemesis with them (like Midna and Zant).
  • Most characters in Warrior games are leaders, who command troops. This doesn't apply to all characters here.

About the troops: if there are playable villains in the game, you don't want to fight Hyrulean Footsoldiers and Gorons all day long, you want some variety. Actually this is why we have characters like Impa, Zelda and Darunia, who command different troops. They are the generals of this Musou game. Zora warriors as seen in Twilight Princess could be a good addition and they would be commanded by Ruto. The other races, which could offer actual troops, are the Gerudo, the robots from Skyward Sword and Dekus. We have seen Gerudo and Deku warriors in the N64 games and the robots look like they could also act as funny little toy soldiers.

So, it would be nice to have a representative of each of these races. This is why I dropped Mikau, but kept the Deku Princess at the same time. We already have a Zora, but we don't have any Dekus. And for those we need a potential commander. So, here's my list:

Fierce Deity Link

  • Weapon: Double Helix Blade (Shadow)
  • Stage: Clocktown
  • Enemy: Skull Kid (wearing Majora's Mask)

Naturally. I've been waiting to play with Fierce Deity again for 14 years now and Hyrule Warriors is the best chance. Imagine a nice setting with Clocktown and Termina Field as the battlefield. This might even explain, how the moon from Majora's Mask can appear in the Palace of Twilight... the palace might be floating over Clocktown right now!

Deku Princess

  • Weapon: Deku Pipes (Water)
  • Stage: Woodfall
  • Enemy: Odolwa
  • Troops: Deku Scrubs

I think, she would be the best choice to lead the Dekus (even though there's a Deku King), because then we would have five princesses in total. I also came up with a nice weapon for her: the Deku Pipes! Imagine, how it would shoot dozens of Deku Bubbles and Deku Nuts and how she would utilize the different songs from Majora's Mask. Like stunning all the enemies with the Goron Lullaby. And she could also spin her body like Deku Link and use her hair as whip in the process.


Gerudo Princess, Nabooru

  • Weapons: Mirror Shield + Battle Axe (Light)
  • Stage: Desert Colossus
  • Enemy: Twinrova
  • Troops: Gerudo Warriors

I already mentioned her a couple of times now, but I got the weapons all wrong. By now we have Impa fighting with a Naginata and Zant fighting with dual scimitars and if you got Gerudo troops in the game, then they would use the typical Gerudo weapons anyway. You'd want something more unique for Nabooru. I think the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time might be a good choice, where she reflects all attacks based on the five elements back. In addition she would wield the Battle Axe of an Iron Knuckle... after all she used to be an Iron Knuckle herself!


King of Grooseland, Groose

  • Weapon: Bazooka - the "Groozooka" (Fire)
  • Stage: Sealed Grounds
  • Enemy: The Imprisoned

Groose is actually an interesting stage, where we already have everything prepared. The Sealed Grounds got cut out of space time in the middle of an Imprisoned battle! And we also got the Groosenator there! So, where's Groose? I think they didn't introduce him last time, because they might have feared that after showing Agitha, showing yet another funny character might be too much. So, they presented more serious characters first and saved the best for last. As his moveset I could imagine something similar to Goemon Ishikawa from Samurai Warriors. He basically would use a self-made Bazooka to fire bombs.


Captain of the Sand Ship, LD-301N Skipper

  • Weapon: Beetle + Scrap Hands (Thunder)
  • Musou: Giant Gohdan hands
  • Stage: Sand Ship (maybe docking on the Pirate Fortress)
  • Enemy: Moldarach, Scervo or Tentalus
  • Troops: LD-301 Ancient Robots

With the robots it probably would make more sense to have Skipper instead of Scrapper. He actually commanded them and he's a lot more distinct than Scrapper! Since the Gust Bellow already gets mimicked by the Magic Rod, I thought that the Beetle might work as an interesting weapon here. He would mostly fight with his hands, but send an overpowered Beetle flying at the enemy hordes, use it as a bomber and maybe even ride it himself like Lana does with the Deku Sprout. For his Musou attack I could imagine large hands like those of Gohdan in the Wind Waker or the Minish Cap.


The Whip

I don't really care, who wields it, but I think the whip would make most sense as Link's fourth weapon. It would be different enough from his other weapons and it might play with water attacks. After all the weapons comes from the Ancient Cistern, so it would make sense. Because if you look at the elements of Links weapons - the sword deals with light, the Magic Rod with Fire and the Gauntlets with Thunder. Having a water based moveset for Link would nicely fill the gap! And if you add Fierce Deity, you get all five elements for the Hero!

Also, it could be again a combination of items like with the Gauntlets and the Ball & Chain. I could see the Whip utilizing the Spinner similar to how Majora's Wrath creates these spinning blades with its whips.


Midna's True Form

One of the most important alternate weapons will be, however, Midna's. Since she uses her "shackle" to fight in the imp form, it's only normal to assume that her alternate weapon let's her fight in her true form. It could be the Twilight Mirror (as in the image above) or it could be the Dominion Rod (it would suit her very nicely), but whatever it is, she will certainly wield it in her true form. Unlike Fierce Deity Link and Sheik this will really be just an alternate weapon, because she doesn't change her name in her different form.

Also, don't forget the Bug-Catching Net for Agitha! Though this would most likely be something like a joke weapon replacement and not a real secondary weapon. With this you could also have the Skull Hammer for Darunia or the Fishing Pole instead of Link's Whip.

So, let's say that they magically have three more spots appear in the character select (either at the bottom or to the right), then there would be even one open character slot. So, I'm not greedy, I just feel like 13 is not enough. 16 would be perfect. This leaves even room for one more. *cough* Tingle *cough* Of course I wouldn't mind any additional characters, as long as I get my Final Five. Those five guys, as well as the whip and true Midna are the characters and weapons I want to see the most.


Update: The Hero's Spirit

  • Weapon: Four Sword (Light + others)
  • Musou: Hurricane Spin Attack
  • Stage: Sacred Grove or Snowpeak
  • Enemy: ???

An honorable mention would be the Hero's Spirit. He would probably be next on my list and he certainly would be a great addition to the game, being the dead Hero of Time and a playable Stalfos character. Since he appears pretty much anywhere inside the world of Twilight Princess, you could attach him to any place from the game, e.g. the Sacred Grove. Problem with him is that he uses the exact same weapon type as Link, a sword and shield. His moveset probably would be very similar and so far no two characters have used the same weapon type (which is why I use the battle axe for Naboru). But what could be possible is the Four Sword, where he fights with duplicates of himself that position themselves differently based on the attack. The clones could even use different elements for their attacks.

I would also like to see a Snowpeak stage, together with the Snowpeak Ruins. For this I thought about Yeto or Yeta as a playable character, but I didn't find any good weapon for them ... maybe a club for him, but what would she use? Ashei might also be a possible candidate for that stage, but we already have Zelda fighting with a rapier. However, you could just use the Hero's Spirit for that stage, since his presence is pretty much universal. So, I would settle for Hero's Spirit on Snowpeak!


So much for the heroes, here are my additions to the playable villain list.

King of Evil, Ganondorf

  • Weapons: Sword of the Sages (Light), Trident of Power (Shadow)
  • Stage: Ganon's Castle

He basically already got confirmed with the E3 trailer and the ominous Power DLC pack... with him they might introduce playable villains: Cia, Valga, Wizro, Ghirahim and Zant.



  • Weapon: Brooms (Fire & Water)
  • Musou: Koume & Kotake
  • Stage: Desert Colossus

With her magic brooms she fights with two elements at the same time, freezing and burning her enemies. As her Musou she shortly splits up into two individual witches attacking the enemies with beams.



  • Weapon: Dark Master Sword (Thunder)
  • Stage: Sealed Grounds

Demise would be the only villain, who actually offers a Thunder based moveset, so he would be a nice addition, if you think about it. I totally love his lightning strike technique and it would be awesome to play with it. The Imprisoned is already on its way, so he could easily make an appearance. And then compare sword sizes with Ganondorf!


Skull Kid

  • Weapon: Majora's Mask (Shadow), Skull Mask
  • Stage: Clocktown

I think Skull Kid could be an interesting dual character, where based on his weapon (the mask), he's either good or evil. He could also bring the puppet forces from Twilight Princess into battle.


The Scythe

As for the Scythe I have been totally blind. I wanted a moveset similar to Gomess from Majora's Mask - the miniboss of the Stone Tower Temple, surrounded by bats, fighting with a large scythe. I even thought about Batreaux having this... but we already have the perfect candidate: Wizzro! I can totally imagine him using that and it would be nice to have alternate weapons for some of the villains.

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