Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Zelda Calendar

Originally I didn't want to get the new "official" Zelda Calendar for this year, because I never really have been satisfied with the quality of them. But it somehow felt like I missing something and these things are quite cheap, so I decided to get it anyway.

The selection of images feels richer than in the last two years, where the motives were rather bland, but it also somehow felt very familiar. And when I checked my calendar collection, it struck me that they reused quite a lot of the illustrations from the 2013 Calendar, which was the first Zelda Calendar that I got. In fact half of the motives simply got recycled, which is an even lazier effort than usual, especially considering the vast variety of artworks from the Zelda series that they could have used.

Another big issue with these calendars is the up-to-dateness, because they get planned over an entire year in advance. In fact you can already check out and pre-order the 2018 Zelda Calendar on Amazon, which looks like the best one in a long time. It has a nice selection of artworks (except for January, where they reused something from 2013 and 2017 yet again) and because they decided to use the E3 artwork from Breath of the Wild, it feels more up-to-date than usual.

Can't say that about the 2017 Calendar, though...

As you can see, this is all old stuff. Majora's Mask 3D is the newest title in there. There's nothing from Tri Force Heroes, even though that's a game from 2015, or Twilight Princess HD, which was released in March of 2016.

Also, it seems like Hyrule Warriors is on the ignore list. It might just be that they don't have the rights to use the artworks from Koei Tecmo, but it still would be nice to have something from that game.

It also would be nice, if they would stop having some intern, who probably never has played a single Zelda game in his life, randomly throw artworks together. These calendars are really just made for the quick buck, there's no soul in them...

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