Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Nintendo Warriors from Koei Tecmo? Fire Emblem?

The rumor mill will keep spinning wildly until Friday, where Nintendo hopefully will put all cards on the table. However, there is one rumor that caught my attention about Koei Tecmo working on a new Warriors game based on a Nintendo-franchise other than Zelda.

While it would be better, if they exclusively focused on Hyrule Warriors, it does make sense in the current situation. Right now it's best to wait, until Breath of the Wild has been released, before they plan and start a potential sequel to Hyrule Warriors. That way they can use content from the new Zelda epoch to create a true sequel. We're talking Hyrule Warriors 2 here and hopefully not some Hyrule Warriors - Extreme Legends Edition or whatever, where they present us the same game a third time and just add ten more characters and five more Adventure Maps. No, thanks. For the Switch it needs a fully blown sequel and that needs time. And in the meantime Koei Tecmo might produce a different Warriors title for Nintendo, because they are

(I'm personally not interested in another Warriors game, save for maybe One Piece - Pirate Warriors, because you only really need one Warriors game in your life. Last time I've checked, my Nintendo 3DS recorded 666 hours on Legends, while I was above 700 hours on the Wii U Version. That's crazy and I love Hyrule Warriors, but I don't really need another game like this in my life.)

So, what could it be? Koei Tecmo has expressed interest in other Nintendo franchises in the past, including Pokémon, Mario and even Starfox (the latter even had a prototype, which was rejected by Nintendo, see here). But they all feel kind of "odd" as a choice for a Warriors game, because you'd want a battlefield scenario and a wide roster of characters. How would Super Mario fit in that? Also, Mario has more than enough spin-off games already, it doesn't also need a battle game. Pokémon would be weird as well, while it got the perfect spin-off collaboration with Pokémon Tournament / Pokken already.

The best (and most obvious / boring) choice would probably be Fire Emblem...

Fire Emblem might not be the most popular Nintendo franchise, but it can easily keep up with Dynasty Warriors in terms of sales and popularity. It's a good match.

It already comes with the perfect scenarios for such a battle focused game and it would really enrich the Fire Emblem franchise, where you normally get tactical RPGs with a turn-based battle system. This way you could now really get into the battle action with your favorite characters, where the franchise offers plenty of them for a wide cast, maybe even more than the Zelda franchise has to offer (but maybe not with the same level of variety).

Additionally, there seem to be many attractive female characters, where Koei Tecmo can do their usual magic...


Eren Jaeger said...

I believe Star Fox Warriors was already shot down in an interview - I personally believe it'll be Emblem Warriors, with a teeny tiny chance of Mushroom Kingdom Warriors (still sounds goofy, but better than Mario Warriors..)

Emblem Warriors would have a way better opportunity of tying characters from different eras together using the Outrealm Gates instead of the Gate(s) of Souls like Hyrule Warriors did as well.

TourianTourist said...

Yeah, there was a report about the rejected Starfox Warriors one month ago. I've added it to the post.

I haven't played any of the Fire Emblem games yet, but I'm growing more and more curious... and I certainly wouldn't mind a Fire Emblem Warriors game, though I probably wouldn't play it.

Marandahir said...

You guessed it!!

TourianTourist said...

Yeah, Fire Emblem confirmed! I'm even a little bit excited for this... :-D