Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Box Arts

As usual the covers between the North American and the European version of the new Zelda game differ. However, while usually I prefer the European version, this the rest of the world certainly has the better one. It just looks glorious and captures the classic "Link on a rock looking all over Hyrule" view perfectly:

The European version is much more vibrant and colorful, but the perspective is more limited and it doesn't have the same epic feel to it:

One more good reason to import the North American version. I just wish that the Master Edition wasn't as rare. Or Nintendo could bring back the dual covers...


xose vi said...

I prefer the European version by a long shot. It's not as dark, it's more vibrant and nice.

The American cover is a good reflection of the dark politics in USA now.

xose vi said...

not to mention that the world seems more vast and colourful in the European version, watching the fields and mountains in the distance