Saturday, January 14, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Return of the Gerudo

The Deku Tree isn't the only thing that will make a return from the GameCube times in Breath of the Wild. In fact this will be the first time since Four Swords Adventures, where the Gerudo tribe will make an appearance. One of them seems to even have a more important role similar to Nabooru from Ocarina of Time, where she accompanies Link in parts of his new adventure:

Of course it's not entirely clear that she's in fact a Gerudo, since she also shares some similarities to Din from the Oracle saga. But with these games Capcom took quite some design inspiration from the Nintendo 64 Zelda games and their characters, where Din was probably inspired by the Gerudo and Onox even has a Gerudo symbol on his chest and looks like an Iron Knuckle.

But there's additional proof that there will indeed be Gerudo in Breath of the Wild, because the new trailer showed us an entire Gerudo desert town and you can clearly see the Gerudo symbol above the entrance gate:

I wouldn't be surprised, if this town actually will be named "Nabooru", following my theory from last month about the Villages of the Sages. There could also be a Goron mountain town called "Darunia" and some Zora settlement called "Ruto". In the Treehouse Live footage from yesterday you can even spot them crossing a bridge named "Gleeock Bridge", so naming places after beings and things from past Zelda games might be really a convention in Breath of the Wild. But this is just a side note.

In any case, this town looks well crafted. I really like, how they are using the water streams that are coming from these giant goblet rocks. We have similar rock formations in my home area, just without the water streams, but I really like the design of the new town. I'm eager to explore it all and maybe again become a worthy male member in the all-female Gerudo clan.

It's also nice that the Gerudo are getting something that looks like a real desert town. The fortress in Ocarina of Time was pretty amazing as well, but it never felt like a real place to live in, it was just a series of dungeon tunnels. The same with the Pirate Fortress in Majora's Mask. In Four Swords Adventures the Gerudo had a small village made of tents, but this was really just a minor occurrence. So, it's good to see this tribe back and that it gets more fleshed out.

Also, the trailer had another part of the desert area with some water flows in the mountains:

At first this reminded me of the Diamond Steppe Island from the Wind Waker, just much larger. But it's also reminiscent of the waterfalls that you can see in the Gerudo town. It's not the same place, though.

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