Friday, January 13, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Master Edition Coming March 3rd

March 3rd it is! This feels quite unreal, because that's very soon. I'm so not prepared for the game yet, so for me personally a June release would have been better, but I'm happy that it's a worldwide Switch + Wii U release, so no one is left behind!

And it's crazy, how Nintendo likes to play with the rumors these days. I wouldn't even be surprised, if the rumors that Emily Rogers and co. are getting, were fully leaked on purpose just to make a show. But Zelda is really the only big launch title right now, otherwise there only seem to be some minigames available at the Switch launch, so Zelda had to be the strong horse.

Anyway, behold... there is a Special Editon and a Master Edition of Breath of the Wild for the Switch coming with various goodies:

  • Master Sword Statue
  • Sheikah Slate Switch Carrying Case
  • World Map
  • Sheikah Eye Coin
  • Soundtrack CD
  • And the game of course

The Special Edition doesn't have the Master Sword replica.

I certainly will preorder the Master Edition for Switch and also the Wii U game. Yes, you've heard me right, the Wii U game. I won't buy the Switch at launch, because it's like I had predicted and there seemingly won't be a Zelda Edition color of the system at launch. I'm guessing, something like this might be released for Christmas 2017, with the game digitally pre-installed. I will be waiting for that, because it's pretty much inevitable, and give my Wii U some more love in the meantime, because I also bought that system for the new Zelda.

And I can only advise every Zelda fan, who already owns a Wii U, to do the same. I know, I know, it's very tempting, because the Switch version somewhat looks better and there's the Master Edition and so much Switch hype. But unless you don't mind missing or buying a Zelda Edition later on, then you will regret the launch purchase. Trust me. That's just how Nintendo rolls these days. If you really want that Master Edition, you can buy it right now and just put it on a shelf for the time being. And I suppose that Breath of the Wild might be a game that's worth getting twice.

Also, the Switch doesn't seem to offer much else at the moment. For example Mario Kart 8 Deluxe only really adds the overdue Battle Mode and some missing characters, which should have been DLC for the Wii U game (and still might be). The new Super Mario Odyssey game won't be available before Christmas and I haven't even started playing Splatoon on my Wii U...

(Oh, and I will have to get a new TV soon... Originally I wanted to replay all 3D Zeldas on my Wii U, before Breath of the Wild comes out. This will prove to be very difficult now, since I'm still in the middle of Ocarina of Time. But I'll try.)

More about the new trailer and the Switch in general later today!

The Master and Special Editions won't be available in Europe, it seems. Only a "Limited Edition" with the Master Sword and soundtrack, but no map, coin or case. Lame! I really liked all the items. But I suppose, I could import the Master Edition, since we don't have a region lock anymore.

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