Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Nintendo: Zelda Anniversary Goodies now in Europe

This took quite a while. The rest of the world got this two months ago already, on December 1st. But it looks like Nintendo of Europe wanted to do some promotional stuff closer to the release of Breath of the Wild, where currently every Zelda game on the eShop has a 30% discount. Too bad that I already got all the games.

Anyway, the theme is lackluster as usual. It doesn't look all that appealing and probably nothing will ever beat the golden Majora's Mask theme, it's just too good.

Also, if the three videos of the 25th Anniversary concert feel oddly familiar, then that's because they used to be available for free as part of the "Nintendo Video" application, where Nintendo dropped the support after a while. But it's still nice to have them back, even though the 3d, video and audio quality on Nintendo 3DS is quite bad.

Well, gift horses and their mouths... It's good that there finally has been some use for all these Platinum Points. I've reached the point, where they now keep decaying month after month and I would like to have more uses for them. Here are some suggestions, Nintendo.

(I've updated that post with the Hyrule Warriors Legends Gifts, by the way. Those would be PERFECT for My Nintendo, since they were all made accessible via codes anyway.)

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