Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3DS Expansion Slide Pad Revealed

From this week's Famitsu... omg, this looks horrific. And this will kill any current 3DS sales. This screams right into your face, that there will be a new 3DS model coming soon with the additional slide pad and shoulder buttons integrated and maybe other enhancements like longer battery life, better 3D screen, etc. It wouldn't be the first time, for example they did the same with MotionPlus, first there was the inconvenient MotionPlus add-on for Wiimotes and later Nintendo would release Wiimotes with a built-in gyrosensor. Though I admit that was not as bad as this thing. Not at all. But you don't want to hold an inferior product in your hands, especially not something where you would have to attach this cradle thing to play certain games. It's said to be an optional accessory, but I don't trust that.

I was just recently thinking about buying a 3DS, because of some rumors I've heard about the upcoming Four Swords (more about that later), but this is going to stop me.

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