Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grezzo made the Four Swords Anniversary Edition

The guys behind Ocarina of Time 3D developed the 25th Anniversary Edition of Four Swords.

I previously thought that Nintendo EAD3 itself would work on this, because after all their team got some guys from Flagship like Hidemaro Fujibayashi, who have been working on the original version of Four Swords. And also some guys from the team who made Four Swords Adventures and the Nintendo DS Zeldas. All of them would have been perfect candidates for this project. So, to learn that Grezzo was actually behind this is an interesting surprise.

It's so interesting, because this is the exact opposite of Ocarina of Time 3D when it comes to remakes. OoT3D focused mainly on the visuals and while they added things based on available content like Master Quest or the Boss Challenge, there wasn't any real new content per se. Four Swords AE is the exact opposite, there's no graphical update here, you might even call the "Realm of Memories" stage a graphical downgrade, the focus was entirely on adding new content, two new stages containing many new dungeon levels. And a singleplayer to make this game accessible for everyone.

With this Grezzo has proven that they are not only able to improve graphics, they also know how to add cool new content. Let them combine both talents to make the ultimate Majora's Mask 3D and after that they should be ready for their own Zelda game. Grezzo could become the new Flagship and entirely take over the handheld Zelda domain.

It's also nice to know that everyone on the big Zelda team is currently working on Skyward Sword.

Update: New logo released.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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