Friday, September 30, 2011

Got 3DS

Say hello to my shiny new blood red 3DS:

It's a real beauty. I'm happy that I waited for the red one, so I could compare all three colors at the store. And there's no question that the red one easily tops the other two colors, boring black and everyone's blue. The photo above or any images in the internet for that matter doesn't do it justice, it looks totally awesome in real. Thousand thanks to jsf132 from the comments, who inspired me to wait for the red one!!

I was also stupid enough to buy a screen protector. I hate those things, it's absolutely impossible to install it without getting any dust between the screen and the protector. And I'm a very clean person, but it's very hard to get it right, you have to be quick and very lucky.

For now the 3DS' battery is loading and the weather is so awesome, that I won't be playing until later this evening. But I guess I will check out Ocarina of Time 3D first for a short session only to dedicate myself to Four Swords AE later. Four Swords is more interesting at the moment, because that's the game with the actual new content. I want to play the Hero's Trial and the Realm of Memories. Ocarina's Hyrule with some flowers added to the fields can wait.

But it's somehow ironic, that in the end the game that got me to buy a 3DS is a free 2D game and not some big retail 3D title.

The 3DS also gives me the possibility of checking out the multiplayer mode of Spirit Tracks for the first time, as well as easy Big Play farming in Phantom Hourglass. So, there's even more Zelda stuff to do, but this will have to wait until I'm done with both Four Swords AE and Ocarina of Time 3D.

I also bought DOA: Dimensions today. That's the boob game from Team Ninja that got the Metroid: Other M bonus stage. I also got all DOA games for the XBox and I liked them (yes, I'm a pervert, but who doesn't like boobs?), so this was a game I was going to buy anyhow. However, I probably won't be playing this until later, I only bought this right now to still catch some of the free DLC before it's gone. I don't want to miss that sexy white cat costume for Tina, right...? :D

But my D-Pad sucks. It makes weird squeaking sounds and sometimes feels a little stiff. It's aweful to play Four Swords with this...

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jsf132 said...

Yes, I got mine on Thursday too, it's beautiful isn't it?

I didn't get much of a chance to play it over the weekend, so I'm just finished the Deku Tree in OoT, and finished the first Forest level in Four Swords. Both of which I enjoyed immensely.

I've also got Link's Awakening DX downloaded ready for when I'm done with the above games. Can't wait to start that.