Friday, September 2, 2011

Beaten Vaati's Palace Alone

So, I was just playing around with Four Swords to check out some more templates. You can play this game alone by controlling two GameBoy Advance systems simultaneously. Usually I just carry the other player around with me and switch between both systems. Some stuff is quite tricky to do, for example those enemies that have to be pulled from both sides. For those I have to press the R button of the GBA system in my left hand by pushing the system against my left leg, lol... I already managed to beat both Talus Cave and Death Mountain that way (only the easiest form of Hot Head though) and just now I blasted through Vaati's Palace using the Silver Keys.

Fighting Vaati alone actually wasn't all that difficult. The form where you have to play volleyball is pretty much impossible to handle (we never even did that one in real coop), but luckily he switches forms often and you only need to do the damage on one form. And there's one where he turns into a creature similar to Patra, where eyeball creatures fly around him. You only need to hit these into him to deal some damage, which can easily be done alone. But I also managed to score some hits during his arm form by pre-placing the second player in the right spot. Though this was much more difficult to do...

Anyway, this got me yet another medal of courage. That's my 17th one.

If Manhandla wasn't such a bitch you could beat the entire game alone on the easiest difficulty level. But for most people, who only play for story or who are satisfied by seeing the credits once, that would be already enough...

Talking about credits, this game has one of the most fun credit sequences ever. All players are on a platform in the sky and fairies fly by. If you hit the fairies with your sword they drop Rupees depending on their own color and you can hit the other players into the abyss. Those Rupees count for the results at the end, so you're still competing during the credits and this can be fun. However, you don't pay much attention to the actual credits, lol.

I also experienced a cool new set-up for Talus Cave with a lot of small rooms, where you can blast the walls on all sides. This reminded me of Ancient Stone Tablets, which could have very similar structures and where you also collect tons of Rupees. But it's amazing to see that the game has still new templates to offer after all this playing time.

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