Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zelda History Video + New Skyward Sword Trailer

Go watch. In case you don't know all Zelda games yet, you might learn something new. No, in any case you will learn something new, because there's a Skyward Sword trailer at the end with even more new content... most of the things was shown during the conference, but you can also spot some new stuff. Like a motor boat, a new shield and a new mysterious character.

You're controlling a motor boat on a lake in the desert area, so I hope you liked the boat stuff from previous games. It seems to be a lot faster then the boats in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass though. I wonder if this game also got trains in it... haha. If yes, please make them go faster as well.

And there's the fourth shield:

At first I thought that this was the new Iron Shield, the rectangle shaped one. However, that one is still in the game as shown during the conference. So is the Wooden Shield and the Hylia Shield. Which means that this is already the fourth shield that you can get. Amazing. There hasn't been any other Zelda game with so many different shields in it, the maximum so far always has been three.

And then there's this mysterious girl at the end of trailer, she looks like she's related to Ghirahim in some way, maybe his sister, lol. Or it might be one entire tribe of people. Maybe it's the Shiekah, what do we know about the Shiekah anyway? Except that they have red eyes?

It also seems like there will be lots of climbing, balancing and stamina "puzzles".

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