Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zelda Galaxy Confirmed

Last year I started to fear, that Skyloft would result in some sort of Zelda Galaxy setting. Instead of a real overworld, you're getting the sky world as a hub and separate areas below. Now NGamer confirmed this. According to them the sky realm is the true overworld while Hyrule is made up of self-contained hubs.

Now the Japanese Skyward Sword site shows some sort of teaser map:

You have Skyloft in the center and massive areas around it. It sort of reminds me of Majora's Mask, where you got Clocktown in the center and one of the four different main areas in each cardinal direction. With the big difference, that the areas are self-contained this time.

On the bright side it seems that the areas will be MASSIVE. We already heard that you can spent hours in one area until you reach a dungeon. It might be that one area is already so large, that it makes you forget that there's actually more to the world. And the above map probably isn't all there is. We already saw, that there will be the forest, the vulcano and a desert area. But I doubt that this will be the end of it. Don't you think that there will be some ice area for example? And I still want my massive graveyard area! And look how the area in the east and the area in the west seem to be quite close. Maybe there's a connection there. And even if the three areas are completely independent, compare it to having three overworlds instead of just one.

Right now it might look like Zelda Galaxy, but I think the game still might be able to surprise us here.

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