Friday, September 23, 2011

Aonuma Plays Zelda For You

Nintendo released a series of help videos for Ocarina of Time 3D, where Aonuma himself plays the game and gives tips. Naturally this includes the infamous Water Temple, a dungeon Aonuma apologized for multiple times. But he gives credit that (some) fans of the game actually liked the dungeon, so instead of dumbing the dungeon down Nintendo focused on making it less confusing by adding different markers on the walls. That was a good decision. (Well, plus they already made a dumbed down version for Master Quest years ago. And it seems that they made the Dark Link fight significantly easier, which I don't like at all.)

But this looks like the real deal here, his 3DS is hooked up with different cables and he talks the way, how you would talk while playing the game. And it's nice to see the producer himself playing the game and giving hints, slaying Stalfos and Dark Links. After all that's the guy, who originally couldn't beat any Octoroks.

I think what he really should do is playing the classic NES Zelda games, both of them, giving tips like where the dungeons and items are located in the first game and how important leveling is in the second game. THAT would be awesome and Aonuma would totally redeem all his earlier statements how he couldn't beat the first Zelda game. Both games were just re-released as part of the ambassador program and it would be nice to see the man behind Zelda giving hints to newcomers, not dismissing these games anymore.

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