Saturday, February 14, 2015

Got Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition + New Nintendo 3DS XL

Got lots of goodies yesterday:

You could get the Skull Kid figurine in Europe as a preorder bonus. Some shops also sold it separately, even though they're not allowed to. However, we also have the Special Edition with the pin, steelcase and poster (not pictured). It's nothing special and I would have been fine with only getting the Skull Kid figurine, which is really awesome, but for the small extra price it's nothing too shabby.

And of course I couldn't resist buying the New Nintendo 3DS XL for some reason:

Buying the Nintendo 3DS XL, which came with A Link Between Worlds (the upper one), actually still feels like it was yesterday. And I didn't use it that much. Some games like Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS are certainly better played on the larger screen. And it was nice to have a 2nd 3DS for fake Street Passing in A Link Between Worlds. But for the most part I kept using my normal Nintendo 3DS (the Ocarina of Time 3D Edition), because the display is much nicer and the slidepad glides a lot better on the shiny surface.

I don't know, why I expected this to change here, but I really was planning to use this New Nintendo 3DS XL as my new main system. I even bought a 32GB Micro SD card along with it. But... I still can't let go of my first 3DS and if you ever do a System Transfer to the New 3DS, there's no going back. So, I can't even try out, how my GameBoy VC games would look on the bigger screen, but I'm afraid it's best to keep them, where they are.

Nintendo really has to update their account system. You should be able to user your NNID on multiple systems and to share save data. If that would be the case, I wouldn't have a problem. I simply could use whatever I system I feel like, instead of being limited to one choice for my downloaded games. It's kind of weird, how Nintendo expects you to buy a new 3DS system every two years, but on the same time they only let you use one actively.

And design wise this one is also probably my least favorite. The outside is nice, but on the inside it's just a regular New Nintendo 3DS XL without any Zelda decals or golden buttons or whatever. I especially don't like the colored buttons. I get that they are supposed to be a SNES reference, but if I buy a Zelda edition, I want Zelda references. So, put a Triforce somewhere and make those buttons gold.

Now... the C-Stick feels weird, the system doesn't really feel much faster and the extra shoulder buttons probably won't ever see much use. And there's still no excuse, why these buttons weren't already featured on the Nintendo 3DS XL two years ago. I also don't like how many critical things are at the bottom side of the system, mainly the on/off switch and the game cartridge. I usually support the system with my ring fingers while playing, which now might accidently remove the cartridge or turn the system off... that's a big design flaw. But the biggest problem are probably the hinges of the top screen, they feel very loose and the screen keeps wigging, when you move the 3DS system around. Very annoying! So, for now this most likely will just be an expansive collectible until I get an exclusive New 3DS game. I almost feel bad for buying it, because yet another Zelda Edition 3DS was absolutely unnecessary, both from my part and Nintendo's end.

And I know that I always sound like a giant hypocrite. I complain about these ongoing Limited Edition bundles, while at the same time I buy them. There's this giant conflict between my inner Zelda fan, who wants to collect all the nice Zelda things, and my voice of reason, who really knows that I don't need three 3DS systems. But my inner collector always wins, because I have the money and I could always sell it later even for a better price, if I really don't want it anymore.

Update: By now I could convince myself to do a System Transfer and I've been using this New Nintendo 3DS XL as my new main system without regret, so the purchase was actually worth it. :)

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Tristen Menzies said...

I actually love the inside design of my MM3DSXL, as I don't like Gold covering everything on the inside panel. The SNES reference is awesome, and the entire time I've played on it, I've never had a problem with the position of the cartridge port.