Monday, February 23, 2015

Majora's Mask 3D: 3rd Spider House Ideas

So, Majora's Mask 3D is done. And as the 3D remakes before, it reeks of missed opportunities. I already gave a big list of ideas in past and some of the wishes in that post and its comments became a reality, even if it's just the smaller things.

One of my favorite ideas from that list is the third Skulltula house and I still feel like this would have been a great addition, because the Spider Houses always have been one of my favorite parts of the game. They are very atmospheric minidungeons, where you constantly feel rewarded and awesome. A third Skulltula house should have 40 Golden Skulltulas to collect to increase the total number of Golden Skulltulas to the classic 100.

And I would probably place it in the Snowhead region for two reasons. One is that Snowhead is the only of the four temple areas, where you don't find an optional minidungeon. The swamp has a Spider House, the ocean has another Spider House and then there's the Secret Shrine of Ikana. But Snowhead didn't get anything.

Now the second reason is that it always bugged me, how the Mountain Village is called a village, while there's only really one building there, the smithy...

They could have added a second building somewhere around here, acting as an entrance to the new Skulltula house, which probably would have been a nice addition.

The Spider House itself would focus on using the Goron, as well as Skulltulas hidden under snow, ice and rocks. Similar to the Swamp Spider House you can already beat it before the temple, which will give you more of a "challenge", where you have to manage Hot Spring Water. But the Fire Arrows then make things a lot easier, as soon as you get them.

The only real problem would be the reward. In the past I opted for the Shard of Agony, but they gave this function to the Mask of Truth, which was a very smart move and makes a lot of sense. I support giving existing masks new purposes and utilities over mindlessly adding new masks, though having both would be fine as well. They could always add a bigger wallet, but they Ocean Spider House already gives you that, so that would be a boring reward...

If you have any good ideas for rewards, let me know in the comments! I might also update the post later on.


Eduardo Jencarelli said...

Make the prize a full Heart Container. And then eliminate four heart pieces.

Ones that I'd drop:

1. North Clock Town treetop
2. South Clock Town ledge
3. Peahut Hole
4. Zora Cape Like-Like

TourianTourist said...

I was also thinking about moving a Heart Piece, but four of them is too much. And I wouldn't take things away, which were already there. That's like one of the main issues of this remake already.

And Heart Containers/Pieces are usually boring rewards, to be honest. Especially if it's just a Heart Piece, which changed its location. All of this is about adding new stuff and we need a something a little more interesting

But still thanks for the input!

K2L said...

Eduardo: Or eliminate the four moon Heart Pieces, since those were too easy to get.