Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Boss Pack & Version 1.6 - First Impressions

Loading times back to normal, baby! That's probably the best thing of the update.

As I had expected, 255 will be the final maximum level. Called it! It's basically another small 8-Bit reference, since 255 is the highest number you can get with 8-Bits. With that it was also the maximum number of Rupees in The Legend of Zelda (NES).

I'm a little bit disappointed with the new potions. They should be really helpful with both the Boss Rush mission and the new Boss Challenge. But I was hoping for a defense potion and also for new potions using silver materials, because I got so many by now, while my bronze materials get used up a lot by now. However, with the new anti boss mixture I was finally able to A rank the Boss Rush. Good thing that I have waited for the last update. :D

The rest is pretty much a major expansion of the Challenge Mode, which they added in version 1.2, but then neglected. The new game modes from the Boss Pack actually a part of the Challenge Mode, which now has three categories: Battle Challenges (the free ones), Boss Challenges and Ganon's Fury. They added two cheap alibi challenges for free to the old challenge mode, one "Rack Up Your K.O. Count" and one "Defeat 800 Enemies in 10 Minutes" mission taken from Adventure Mode. The original challenge mission was a lot more interesting and even used unique game mechanics, so it's kind of sad that they didn't have any better ideas.

I was hoping that A ranking all three challenges with one character would unlock the dark costume for the character. But that doesn't seem to be the case, which is a shame. I don't see a reason, why they shouldn't let us have all the dark costumes. And yes, they should be for free, since they were included in the original game. But right now you're only A ranking the challenges for the sake of A ranking, which is a little boring.

And it appears that the new color costumes are based on the bosses. Lana has one based on King Dodongo and Cia one on the green Manhandla. So, Cia basically got another green costume instead of a red one, as I was hoping. But at least the new green costumes looks better than the old one...

The Ganon Challenges seem to be quite interesting and crazy. He plays very different from the normal characters, which is why he isn't part of the roster. Instead of the usual bomb, bow, boomerang and hookshot items you collect the individual boss attacks, like King Dodongo's fireball. You can smash boss enemies around, which is fun, but normal enemies now can be a pain, because they are hard to target and they can hurt you quite badly. No wonder that Ganon loses to Link each time.

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