Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Ganon Pack and Version 1.6 Infos

  • New Boss Battle Mode
  • New Ganon Mode, where you play as Ganon
  • Level cap raised
  • New mixtures
  • New medals
  • Challenge Mode update
  • New Challenge Mode missions
  • Loading times fixed

Good stuff! As you might know, I was fully expecting another raise in the level cap, since the DLC characters had still five missing hearts. I guess, the original characters won't get any new hearts and the maximum level might be 255 as a throwback to The Legend of Zelda (NES), where your Rupee maximum was 255 also.

It's a blessing that they fixed those loading times. I wasn't able to play the game now anyway, so it's good that I essentially skipped over 1.5. The level raise might also come in handy with the Termina Map, which I still have yet to beat.

Ganon Mode sounds like a lot of fun and you can even battle the Great Fairy for the first time. Before she never appeared as an enemy. And essentially you get a new playable character with this, though I wonder, if Ganon will have levels and different weapon tiers. His weapon seems to be the Trident. Boss Battle Mode looks like hell. I never really enjoyed the Boss Rush mission, but this looks even worse.

However, you can unlock new costumes for Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Lana and Cia in these modes... I was expecting to get the dark costumes for everyone, but I certainly don't mind getting fresh costumes. It still would be nice to get all the dark costumes at some point... maybe in a final free 1.7 "thank you" update, which also includes the Fishing Rod weapon? :D Or you can already unlock them in the updated Challenge Mode. We'll see.

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Unknown said...

Would be nice if the final costumes for Cia and Ganondorf were Onox and Veren.