Monday, February 23, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Boss Pack Recolors

So, the upcoming DLC pack will include five more costumes: one recolor for Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Lana and Cia. And this is pretty nice, since there were still some recolors that I would like to see, especially a red costume for both Lana and Cia, so that they have one color for each of the three goddesses.

For Link and Zelda I was thinking that they could give them classic NES colors. So, Zelda would have red hair and a red dress or just a red dress, which might look really good. But lots of reds with these costumes. And Link getting a classic NES color palette would pretty much give him all of his Super Smash Bros. skins with the exception of the Skyloft one. Well, Toon Link got the NES skin, not the normal Link, but still...

Ganondorf could have Ganon's colors. Or maybe also Ganon NES colors. I'm not too excited about him.

  • Link: NES Colors
  • Zelda: NES Colors
  • Ganondorf: Ganon Colors
  • Lana: Red Colors
  • Cia: Red Colors

This is all speculation and we'll see the actual costumes in three days, unless they are really hard to unlock, which I don't hope. Usually on the Adventure Maps the costumes never required A ranks, so I hope they won't let you struggle too much and have the game modes more for the fun of it and for scoring records.

I could also imagine them adding a medal for collecting all color swap and mask costumes, similar to the medal, where you have to collect all 8-Bit weapons.

And it would be still awesome, if we could unlock the dark versions of everyone... but maybe in the updated challenge mode. It would make sense. Since those skins were already part of the main game, Koei shouldn't charge people for them. And you can unlock the costumes for your DLC characters (Twili Midna, Young Link and Tingle) without buying more DLC.

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