Friday, March 3, 2023

Got Metroid Prime Remastered

photo of the box

The physical version of Metroid Prime Remastered was released today in Europe, right for the sixth anniversary of the Nintendo Switch. And I got my copy in the mail this morning from the My Nintendo store, so here we go. Like in in the other regions, it comes with a reversible cover, where you can go for a cleaner look with the original Japanese box art:

photo of the inside cover and the cartridge

In Japan this actually the other way around, so they can opt for the North American and PAL region cover of Metroid Prime. I personally would liked that more, I guess, but reversing the cover like this makes the inside look a mess, because you have all the descriptions and warning levels now there. And I also do like it when the inside of the card case looks nice, it's part of the experience to open the box and see some nice artwork. So, I will just leave it as it is...

Luckily, I have this weekend all to myself, so I will try to beat the game on my Nintendo Switch and then try to wrap things up with a review. Stay tuned!

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