Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom – House Building Teased

House building was an idea that didn't make the cut for Breath of the Wild, but could be something that will happen with Tears of the Kingdom. After the defeat of Calamity Ganon, Hyrule should be in a phase of rebuilding after all. And there is now further evidence that this may be the case:

We can see what are construction sites for houses near the Dueling Peaks Stable in the gameplay footage. Of course this could be just that: a house that is currently in construction. It makes sense that this is happening and this changes up the environment a bit. And of course the planks are there to be used with your new Ultrahand ability to put things together, like the car from the previous trailer.

But this could go a step further. Maybe Link will be able to put together houses himself? Maybe throughout the game you will even be able to build houses wherever you want...

It would be a nice touch to finally leave your mark on Hyrule. Of course there was a bit of building that could be done in previous Zelda games, like the Oracle houses in The Minish Cap or Tarrey Town in Breath of the Wild. But this was all predetermined. Here the player could leave his own creations in the world of Hyrule. It doesn't need to become Animal Crossing, but naturally this would be a big selling point over Breath of the Wild if you could customize the Hyrule from that game in various ways.

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Raul said...

I would love for house building to be a feature and for Hyrule itself to be in a state of rebuilding like you mentioned. Would be cool to see locations that were long since destroyed in BotW like the Lon Lon Ranch up and running again.