Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom – Korok Spotted

In the beginning of the gameplay presentation Aonuma is riding towards the Dueling Peaks Stable and you can actually spot a variety of details of what has changed in the world of Breath of the Wild. It's nothing that will blow you out of your socks, but it's still interesting.

And one of these things include a Korok. But before you get worried about collecting 1800 Korok Seeds this time, it's not like the Koroks from Breath of the Wild. It's more like a traveler:

screenshot of said Korok

He has a massive backpack and says that he needs to reach his friend. And it makes sense that the roles of the Koroks will be different in Tears of the Kingdom. If there's a collectible akin to the Korok Seeds, it most likely will be something else.

This looks more like some side quest, where you have to help the Korok with getting from A to B. Since you are able to make vehicles, this could be similar to the transport missions in Spirit Tracks, just without the annoying ratings. Use your Ultrahand to put something together and then place the Korok on it to get him where he wants to be.

Of course this still could be rewarded with Korok Seeds, but I doubt that this will have the same extend as in Breath of the Wild.

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