Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom – Pro Controller Announced

Pro Controller where the right handle is white and there are black and golden markings on the front

This looks like the Pro Controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Monster Hunter Rise had a love child. Coincidentally, these are the two Pro Controllers that I already own, so I like this one as well and will get it, of course. I love the Pro Controller and have been hoping for a Zelda edition for a while now. The colors of the handles are a bit disappointing, where the left one could have been golden, but it's probably supposed to represent Link's state and it still looks good.

That being said, Nintendo is going all-in with this game... There's everything! We will get:

Plus, there is also an official Nintendo Switch carrying case:

carrying case backside


Sadly, the carrying case releases the same date as the Pro Controller and the game: on May 12th. This should have been available right on April 28th, together with the Nintendo Switch OLED, since this also comes bundled with a screen protector. And Nintendo's own screen protectors are really good, but you can't buy them separately, which is super stupid.

Anyway, you can spend a month's wage on the game alone. Well, I earn a little bit more than that, but this is still getting crazy. Nintendo really wants to milk as much out of this game as possible.

I don't even think that there has been any Nintendo Switch title that got all of these things combined. There were some games with a number of them, but not all of this, e.g. Splatoon 3 last year got very close, but it didn't have a Collector's Edition for the game.

The only thing that Tears of the Kingdom hasn't gotten (yet) is an Expansion Pass. And that can still happen...

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