Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom – Nintendo Switch OLED Edition Revealed

Switch as seen in the leak, golden Joy-Cons, white golden dock

There it is! We knew about this since December from a leak, but it's nice to finally have it show up for real. There is even a video of it. It will become available in a month already, on April 28th, two weeks before the release of Breath of the Wild, which gives you enough time to set up your new system in advance.

This also seems to be common practice by Nintendo by now, where they don't bundle the system with the games any longer to keep the price "low". But this is fine, because I usually just ended up with a download code that I don't really need, because I prefer to buy the physical version or the Collector's Edition of the game.

the Joy-Cons with white bars and golden cords

I think this looks very nice, the promotional material makes it appear more golden than what we saw in the leak. So, I'm much more eager to get this now, where I'm going to sell my current grey Switch to replace it with this baby.

Still, the timing couldn't be worse. They have waited six years for this and you can probably count the number of Zelda fans who don't have a Nintendo Switch yet on your hand. They want to double-dip, it's as simple as that.  And even though I don't expect the next Nintendo console before 2025, we will still most likely see another Nintendo Switch revision later this year, where in that case the Nintendo Switch OLED will be old news already...

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