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Postbox: Minish Cap Quick Questions

Hi Tourian Tourist,

just two questions, you might be able to answer them from the top of your head:

1. In Minish Cap are there kingstone fusion points which are possible to miss due to advances in the story?

2. What is a good betting strategy for getting all the figurines? (I mean, if you can secure the shell supply you can always go for the 100% in betting for an individual piece and I don't think that is the case.)

Your answers will greatly define my enthusiasm in getting a 100% here.


1. None are missable. But you can miss the Light Arrows, which you can only get after fusing with the stranger in a house in northwestern Hyrule Town. This fusion creates a portal in South Hyrule Field (right above Link's house), which leads to a mysterious building of the Wind Tribe. In the upper floor you can find a sick, old man named Gregal, who is haunted by a ghost. Suck in the ghost with a Gust Jar. If you don't do that before reaching the building on the normal path later in the game, he will pass away and you can't get the Light Arrows from him. So, do this as early as possible.

Also, if you happen to play the European version, there's a glitch with one of the Scarecrows that prevents the fusion with him. This leads to missing one of the Gorons in the Goron cave, missing a bottle and ultimately the Mirror Shield. Very nasty. Just make sure that you have the blue Kinstone pieces (the squared off one) before attempting to fuse with him. If you're playing the North American version, don't worry, this got fixed.

2. It's best to only bet one shell at a time. The probability remains high enough and you will most likely get a new figurine per shell. Even probabilities of 30% to 50% are still good enough, so keep going with one shell. The amount of shells, which you need to get back to 100% is much higher than the amount of individual shells, which you will statistically waste on duplicate figurines. For example a chance of 33% means that you still get a new figurine about every third try. So, with 33% you would have to bet about 3 shells to get a new figurine, if you use one shell per bet. However, you would need to invest 67 shells to increase the probability back to 100%. It's always one additional percent per shell.

So, you see, the most cost-efficient strategy is to place one shell per bet, not more. You might get many duplicates, but you will save many more shells. But when the probability goes below 15% you might want to bet more shells to fasten the process. At this point it's unbearable to bet only one shell, because the chances are so slim.

To farm more shells, use the infinite Rupee trick at Link's house. Left to the door of his house on the outside you can dig up 20 Rupees. Go back inside and the 20 Rupees will be back again. Repeat this multiple times to get enough Rupees. You can buy 30 shells from the shop for 200 Rupees, but you can also get a Green Picolyte from Beedle for 100 Rupees, which is more efficient, if used right. Use the latter in the grassy areas of Trilby Highlands in combination with a Great Spin Attack to get many shells at once.

I got the light arrows by myself, so this means I can backtrack all the areas and get my 4 missing fuses? I might got to the wrong conclusion based on this:

"This guide aims to help people find all the remain Kinstone fusions, but since most aren't available at the end of the game and that some fusers disappear as part of the plot."

GameFAQs: Kinstone Fusion Guide

I'm also missing 5 hearts, 1 chicken game (argh), 1 for figurines and 3 I think I can get by backtracking.

Also, if I understand correctly, there is no special reward for killing the golden beasts, they're just part of the kingstone process.

If you got the Light Arrows, there's nothing you can miss. And yes, the guide is correct that there are many fusers, which will be gone at the end of the game (like the King of Hyrule). But... there are more fusers than fusions. A majority of Kinstone fusions get shared by many people all over Hyrule. So, you can get the same fusion result from two different people. There are people, which will be gone at the end of the game, but it doesn't matter, because you can get the fusions from someone else. You can potentially fuse with every single character in the game, but when the fusions run out, the people won't fuse with you anymore. For example you might never fuse with Epona, even though it's possible. But you still get all 100 fusions.

There are Kinstone fusions, which you can only get from a specific person (like the Ghost at the graveyard makes he ghost at town disappear), but none of these persons will disappear. So, there isn't a single Kinstone fusion, which you can miss. You can get them all at the end of the game.

And yes, killing the golden beasts only yields Rupees and no additional rewards.

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