Monday, September 30, 2013

You can't miss Knuckle's figurine in The Wind Waker HD

Got this confirmed from jayman7 @ GameFAQs, who tested this. The figurine collection won't get completed until you have a figurine of Knuckle.

The figurine description of Knuckle even says something about him not liking the fact that the gallery used to be considered complete without him. :D I like this. They really did a great job with all the improvements.

This also means that there is absolutely nothing missable anymore in The Wind Waker HD. Even if you fail to get a Pictograph of some of the missable characters, you can still get them from Tingle Bottles. So, there's no way to screw up your figurine collection.

I should be getting this game on Friday. Can't wait.

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K2L said...

Good to know.