Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Wind Waker HD: Nintendo Gallery?

Collecting all figurines in The Wind Waker was probably the most tedious sidequest in the entire Zelda series. The Pictobox only allowed for 3 Pictographs, Carlov can be very picky and it takes one entire day for a figurine to be made. They already fixed the problem with the 3 picture limit. Now you can take up to 12 Pictographs, which should be enough to get all figurines from one place in two travel sessions. This also helps a lot with the one time shots like Helmaroc King or Tetra. The more pictures you can take, the higher the chance that there's one good shot that Carlov likes.

But the one figurine per day thing is still a problem. For every figurine you needed to play the Song of Passing two times. There are 124 Pictographs to be made into a total of 134 figurines (10 are gotten from other Pictographs). So, that's playing the Song of Passing a total of 248 times. That's about an hour of time just wasted...

An easy solution would be Carlov accepting many orders at once and all doing them in one night. So, you can give him 12 Pictographs at once, play the Song of Passing twice, get 12 new figurines. It doesn't have to be realistic. But it should be streamlined as much as possible. Seeing how they tried to make the rest of the game play a lot faster and more convenient, I really hope that they considered this.

On NeoGAF it was said that the Pictobox now actually tells you when a shot of a person or creature is "great". That's a huge help with the one time shots like the Helmaroc King or Tetra. Previously it wasn't safe to save until you reached Carlov and he accepted your shot. Let's say you screwed up Tetra or the Helmaroc King, you had to reset, rebattle the boss, go through all cutscenes again, etc. etc. - a hassle. A different scenario is Cyclos, you can't risk to hurt him until Carlov made his figurine. But if the camera already tells you that your shot was good, then this is not an issue at all. Kill Cyclos, warp to Forest Haven, get your figurine. Me likes.

Update 2:
And yes! Carlov is actually accepting more than one figurine.

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K2L said...

They will likely fix the single-pic problem, too. Seeing as they increased the shot limit, they should have revised the Nintendo Gallery as well.